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Intuition & Authenticity

With Sunny Lawrence

Meet Sunny

Speaker, Mom, and Wife of the Iron Cowboy

Sunny has loved her name her whole life, and it describes her perfectly.  She loves cheering people up, making them laugh, and helping them to find strength in their own journeys. 

She has a college degree from Utah Valley University in the field of Psychology, which is right where she grew up. There, she met and married James in December 2000. They have four daughters, and one son. She has always loved being a mom, as well as James’ #1 supporter through all of his accomplishments. 

She has been an athlete for all her life. Her current athletic passions are mountain biking, pickleball, running, cycling, and dabbling in golf.  Her perfect day is wandering in the mountains, taking in the energy of the earth and feasting on its beauty.

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Your journey to true happiness begins with following your intuition.

Sunny was an inspirational character to have on the podcast. She is a confident speaker and an intelligent conversationalist, which we enjoyed discussing with over multiple topics. From our conversation with her we knew she had an above average awareness when it came to being a mother and a crucial support system for her family. It was a please meeting you Sunny, and I can't wait to see what future accolades you collect.

- A^2 the Show

Sunny Lawrence is beautiful inside and out! She’s driven and ambitious. She is a ray of sunshine! God has amazing gifts and talents in her that she is actively using to serve people. She’s a motivator.. The sunshine that she radiates to help others and motivate them is encouraging! She was a great interview on my podcast, Broadcast His Love, and she’d be good for anyone who spoke to her. She’s in it for the person listening. She’s in it to help the people around her.

- Broadcast his Love

It's so cliche but true that Sunny is a light everywhere she goes. This lady knows how to have fun and not take herself too seriously while tackling the big questions of life. She is a deep thinker who is always willing to push herself and others to greater self-awareness and achievement. Sunny is full of wisdom and wit and everyone who has the pleasure of spending time with her is made better by the exchange.

- Dr. Melissa Smith

Sunny Jo is one of the most empowering women we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She is strong yet gentle, determined yet patient, orderly yet unconventional. Sunny’s impassioned words and selfless leadership have carried us through hardships and have inspired us to aim higher.

- Crummy Marathoners

Sunny Lawrence is an unshakeable force who shares deep wisdom on the art of living that speaks to people across the globe. Her authentic style and graceful delivery yield palpable energies of power and compassion. She is a home run for any individual or business looking to expand their horizons and release limitations.

- Jess Gumkowski

“I had the honor of meeting Sunny on my podcast. Instantly I knew our conversation would flow as her personality and grace puts you at ease. Her genuine sincerity, life experience and wisdom leaves you feeling like you are long time friends. You will not leave her presence untouched.”

- Mom Sweat Sanity


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