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The Pie Bike

I wanted a new bike, but we didn't have any money. 


I had to get creative.


It had to be something I enjoyed doing, had a good profit margin, and something that wouldn't require a babysitter.


Selling pies quickly came into my mind.


I ended up making over 250 pies in 2.5 weeks, all from scratch.


I was able to buy the bike I wanted, and have money left over for shoes, clips, and a helmet. 

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I had a choice.

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I could have gotten a loan.

I could have given up triathlon.

I didn't make $250,000 a year. I didn't fit in.

But I wanted to do a triathlon.

I didn't need to be like everyone else and I didn't need the bank.

I had myself.

And choosing to be unapologetically me led to my success.  


Find success in YOU!

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